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Zhongkangtaibo (Tianjin) Anti-corrosion Coating Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise with a total investment of 49 million yuan. The company is located in the municipal development zone of Beijing-Tianjin Science and Technology Valley, Wuqing District, Tianjin, with an annual production capacity of 100000 tons.

Our company has a complete range of production varieties, mainly producing all kinds of paint and water-based paint products, including heavy anti-corrosion paint, anti-corrosion paint, fluorocarbon paint, floor paint, epoxy coal tar paint, high chlorinated polyethylene paint, interpenetrating network paint, anti-rust paint, chlorosulfonated polyethylene paint, alcohol-soluble inorganic zinc-rich paint, high-temperature resistant paint, asphalt paint, chlorinated rubber paint, road marking paint, navigation mark paint, epoxy paint, acrylic paint, polyurethane paint Acrylic polyurethane paint, organosilicon paint, asphalt paint, vinyl perchloride paint, special paint, metal paint, marine paint, special anti-corrosion paint, alkyd paint, amino paint, phenolic paint, inorganic zinc-rich primer without sand blasting, thick coating type low surface treatment water-based zinc-rich primer, water-soluble inorganic zinc-rich primer, alcohol-soluble inorganic zinc-rich primer, epoxy zinc-rich primer, micaceous iron intermediate coat, sealing paint, paint resistance, epoxy ester primer, zinc phosphate primer Zinc yellow primer, epoxy resin adhesive, epoxy resin mastic, high chlorinated polyethylene paint, chlorosulfonated polyethylene paint, chlorinated rubber paint, epoxy floor paint, polyurethane floor paint, acrylic modified floor paint, solvent-free self-leveling floor paint, elastic floor paint, bridge anticorrosive paint, epoxy glass flake anticorrosive paint, epoxy phenolic anticorrosive paint, vinyl glass flake anticorrosive paint, interpenetrating network anticorrosive paint, acrylic chlorinated rubber paint Thermosetting acrylic paint, thermoplastic acrylic paint, silicone high-temperature resistant paint, silicone epoxy heat-resistant anti-corrosion paint, HWE inorganic zinc silicate primer, water-based high-temperature resistant paint, phosphating primer, pipeline anti-corrosion paint, peelable paint, weldable paint, plating resistant paint, anti-slip paint, chimney paint, vehicle anti-corrosion paint, engineering machinery anti-corrosion paint, polymer anti-corrosion paint, cold galvanized paint, PVC paint, plastic paint, glass steel paint, reflective route paint,  flame-retardant static conductive and temperature resistant anti-corrosion coating, strong acid resistant internal anti-corrosion coating, moisture curing anti-corrosion coating, organosiloxane antifouling composite coating, epoxy phenolic furan acid resistant anti-corrosion coating, epoxy aluminum-rich primer, silicone temperature resistant coating, polyvinyl chloride fluorine-containing coating, FVC anti-corrosion coating, silicone acrylic paint, polysiloxane anti-corrosion coating, PU paint, OM flue anti-corrosion coating Waterproof oil, film limiting agent, neoprene paint, modified alkyd temperature-resistant paint, alkyd gray aluminum powder graphite paint, polyurethane polymer anticorrosive paint, waterproof paint, low-temperature resistant paint, diacid paint, aliphatic polyurethane paint, aluminum-zinc epoxy anticorrosive paint, template paint, reflective paint, luminous paint, fluorescent paint, inorganic insulating intermediate coat paint, cool insulation paint, reflective insulation paint, LW anticorrosive paint, solvent-free polyurethane paint, drum paint, heat-resistant vinyl anticorrosive paint Inorganic silicate zinc powder paint, inorganic silicon finish paint, epoxy furan resin paint, damping paint, shock absorption and noise reduction paint, recoat polyurethane paint, low surface epoxy resin paint, gas pipeline anti-corrosion paint, interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, real stone paint, wood paint, hammer paint, orange paint, camphor antirust paint, acid and alkali resistant paint, marine atmospheric anti-corrosion paint, lotus leaf paint, fluorocarbon self-cleaning paint, gloss paint, engineering machinery paint Container paint, steel structure paint.

Based on the principle of people-oriented, energy-saving and consumption-reducing, the company has developed and developed many new varieties of inorganic zinc-rich primer without sand blasting, flexible flue anti-corrosive paint, thick coating water-based zinc-rich primer with low surface treatment, inorganic thermal insulation intermediate coat and other new products to replace the old products, thus reducing the process, liberating the labor force, facilitating construction, and realizing the concept of low-carbon environmental protection.




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